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KYT Consulting Join Global Legal Blockchain Consortium

We are proud to announce that KYT Consulting are officially a member of the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium,  an international group of major law firms, software companies, universities and startups interested in nurturing blockchain applications for the law sector.

The Global Legal Blockchain Consortium, consisting of approximately 225 organisations, organises and aligns global legal industry stakeholders  to enhance the security, privacy, productivity, and interoperability of blockchain technology.

Michael Milner, Co-Founder of KYT Consulting, commented: “The professional services organisations that we work with already have all the competencies relevant to their respective fields, but, as a Digital Asset Risk Consultancy, KYT’s consultants are here to oversee the transition as these new assets present unique challenges and risks as they filter into everyday work flows.”

Critical to the adoption of any new technology is the requirement for education. Therefore, our participation in the Consortium will extend beyond our consultancy services to our Learning & Development efforts; we will be consistently contributing to the Blockchain ecosystem surrounding the Legal Sector. 

Ashley Moore, Co-Founder of KYT Consulting, stated: “KYT are proud to be associated with the GLBC, they have set the bar very high with regards to the standards and expectations within this sector.”

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