Our Core Series introduces you to Blockchain, but rather than focus on the minutiae of the underlying technology, we look at its application, focusing on how it is set to disrupt industries and who’s currently implementing it. Our Case Specific Modules are based around the many questions we have received and curated whilst consulting on an array of cases, all of which had a digital asset component. They are designed to give you the knowledge to understand the assets you may come across, but more specifically, to provide you with a prescriptive guide on how to handle such assets during a case in a secure manner.


Our courses provide you with concepts to understand, rather than terminology to remember.

All of our modules can be delivered in house, at your offices, or, via Online Courses

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K.Y.T develop client knowledge through a comprehensive approach, providing a fundamental understanding of Blockchain Technology and Digital Assets. Our core series comprises the following modules.


  • Fundamentals of Blockchain

  • Digital Assets

  • Buying, Selling & Custody 


Whether this course is delivered in the comfort of your offices, or via our online learning management system, our experienced consultants are here to guide you through this new technology.


Upon completion of our Blockchain Core Series, our clients should have gained the understanding they need to acquire new clients in this space. Our Case Specific Modules, are designed to provide a blue print for legal professionals with cases involving a digital asset component, and they need to know, specifically, how to manage it. Our Specific Modules include the following:

  • Digital Assets & Insolvency

  • Digital Assets & Divorce

  • Digital Assets & Probate

  • Digital Assets & M&A

  • Digital Assets & Private Client Investment

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Clients often approach KYT Consulting with a general idea of what they need, or a specific use case in mind Regardless of the challenge, we are able to jump right in with our expertise and deliver immediate value, enabling your company to evolve. 

If you have a requirement that isn't listed above, then please email us an overview of what you are looking for, and our consultants will be in touch shortly to see how we can help.

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