Digital Asset Risk Consultancy

You have the competencies in your profession. The terms proof of funds, anti-money laundering, safe custody and settlement are all a part of daily business. However, Blockchain creates new challenges. The way assets are transferred, stored and recorded are all changing. 


Our Digital Asset Risk Consultants are here to oversee this transition by guiding you through these issues.

Proof of Funds & Assets

Given that Digital Assets are not held within the traditional banking system, you can't request verification of your ownership of the assets from the traditional counter-parties. Instead, cryptographic techniques are employed to show that an individual has control of an asset. 

Anti-Money Laundering & Asset Provenance

An anonymous asset class, inherently, brings with it the associated risk of Money Laundering. Absent of any identifying information or dividends, both current and previous ownership of digital assets can be hard to identify. 

Asset Settlement, Transfer & Liquidation 

When transferring Digital Assets, there are no existing paths for recourse if an error is made and when liquidating a holding, market liquidity can be thin to the extent where it can quickly erode margins.

Custody & Counter-party Risk

Digital Assets aren't held within bank accounts, they are stored within Digital Wallets. Given their online nature, theft is possible and therefore strict adherence to the correct safety precautions is critical. 


The volatility of this market can result in any profits evaporating extremely quickly if a party does not engage a suitable hedging strategy. Our consultants are experienced in the derivatives available to hedge your exposure. 


KYT Consulting conducts research on Blockchain start-ups that have innovated and plan to disrupt traditional industries. Clients benefit from analysis of their business sector and the companies trying to instigate change. We monitor them, providing clients with updates on an ongoing basis.


We can provide a comprehensive review of your current business, identify potential areas vulnerable to disruption and conduct competitor analysis.


Our consultants can analyse Blockchain providers and service companies, ensuring that you engage with the party best suited to your requirements.

Blockchain Technology Implementation Analysis

Our consultants can help with initial discussions to identify new business and service models or improve existing processes that would benefit from Blockchain implementation. Our relationships with service providers provide up to date information on the practicalities and most cost-effective method to introduce distributed ledger technology.



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